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Wye Valley WARFARE has created MISSION ALPHA especially for families and friends who can’t book MISSION BRAVO.

MISSION ALPHA is played exclusively at our H.Q. in Symonds Yat West. It’s your chance to get a taste of the incredible valour needed by wartime Secret Agents like Violette Szabo of the Special Operations Executive, who was parachuted into France to help the Resistance - and before her secret missions holidayed in Herefordshire.

You start with test-firing your weapon, then you’re ready for a Secret Agent Shootout:

You’ve been parachuted into occupied territory. You have two intense combat games of 12 minutes each on our purpose-built battleground in which to outwit your enemy.

* MISSION ALPHA is subject to availability. Players must be at least 8 years old. Non-players (including dogs) are not permitted to enter the battleground, but there is plenty to do while you wait. Online Offer tickets are only available by purchase online in advance.